Watch Joe Sixpack—The Every Catholic Guy explain how the Sixpack System will defeat catechetical illiteracy, increase collections, and fire up your parishioners in this twelve minute video!
The Sixpack System!
Why pastors LOVE
Joe SixpackThe Every Catholic Guy
Please accept my sincere thanks for the extraordinary work you are doing to shed light on and share the truth of the Catholic faith. Your strength is the comprehensive and faithful exposition of the faith in language “Joe Sixpack” can appreciate and embrace. You are sharing an amazingly rich gift with others and I pray that your on-line audience continues to grow.

Fr. Willy Raymond, C.S.C   President of Holy Cross Family Ministries
Phase One: The Sixpack System begins with the weekly bulletin insert, What We Believe... Why We Believe It.  Surveys show that 70% of all Catholics get 100% of their Catholic information from your parish Sunday bulletin.  So your bulletin is the ideal place to begin with this new system.

What We Believe is intrusive, meaning it’s read by your parishioners because it’s the first thing they see when they open the bulletin.  It's been my experience that people eagerly embrace the fullness of Catholic truth when they know and understand it.  Each issue of What We Believe is  a  thumbnail lesson  in  the  Catholic  faith  that’s  easy  to understand, and faithful to the  Magisterium.  The inserts are so compelling that many priests report some folks collect each issue for future reference, and all subscribing pastors report that their flock love and learn from them.  And each issue invites the reader into the second part of the system.
What makes the Sixpack System better?
This was the first full webinar the I've sat through. And I was amazed when you said it was time for questions.  It just blew me away, as I didn't think an hour had gone by already. So I would've never guessed that an hour would've gone by. It was amazing! I was totally shocked.  You have me sucked in! It was a great experience for me. Thank you for everything you do.

Randy Maune  Deacon in Archdiocese of St. Louis
Phase Two:  Each issue of the bulletin insert invites readers to a website set up for your people called Joe Sixpack Answers.  Parishioners will go to this website to find answers to all their questions in complete anonymity… questions they may be embarrassed to ask you.  If they can’t find the answer on the site, there is a way to address their questions to directly Joe Sixpack–The Every Catholic Guy.
Most visitors to the website sign up for a free email course, designed to get them into the third part of the system.

When a visitor enters a first name and email, two things begin to happen.
Phase Three: About 53% of visitors to the website join the Joe Sixpack mailing list.   Then they’ll automatically get a free email course that teaches them the unvarnished truths of the faith.  

The other thing that happens is every week they’ll receive special invitations to attend a free live webinar about a particular topic on the faith.  Attendees can interact with Joe and ask any question pertaining to the subject matter.  And boy, do they ask questions!
What Pastors & Parishioners are saying...
I truly need to tell you that this simple instrument of What We Believe...Why We Believe It is a wonderful tool and a great way to catechize every Christian brethren in this age of Wi-Fi, all over the world.  I am very sure that many would soon follow your pioneering footsteps in this unique apostolic venture.  Please keep up this good work and more grease to your elbow.  Remain blessed always.  

Fr. Felix Onuora, c. s. sp.  Iowa Parish Priest
The weekly catechetical webinars offered by Joe Sixpack are perfectly sound, 
accurate and engaging.  They precisely address the questions troubling the 
three sadly uncatechized generations who make up most of today's Catholic laity.  
I most warmly endorse the Sixpack System.  

Donna Steichen  Best Selling Ignatius Press Author
Our parish has had an installation of Joe Sixpack each week in our bulletin. Reading these inserts is the highlight of my week. I am a cradle Catholic, who left the church for a while, but returned. I am now deeply in love with my Catholic faith and these writings reinforce the beauty of the Catholic faith, but also answer questions that I had not yet resolved. God has richly blessed Joe Sixpack with deep wisdom and the ability to express basic faith issues in ways that a common person can understand. Keep up the good work!!

JoAnne Beam   Immaculate Conception Church- Pulaski, TN
The Sixpack System manages to involve your entire parish... without you asking them to do a single thing!  And the Sixpack System is so simple that it requires no effort on your part.  It works in three phases.  Read on to learn more!
I wholeheartedly recommend the new weekly parish bulletin insert "What We Believe...Why We Believe It"' written by my friend, Joe Sixpack…

“Joe Sixpack” is a veteran catechist with a God-given gift for explaining the truths of the Faith in terms that are clear, unambiguous,  doctrinally correct and firmly rooted in Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and Magisterial teaching. The name “Joe Sixpack” accentuates his remarkable ability to make the teaching of the Church easily understandable for the average guy and gal. His gift for story-telling and the use of concrete examples will help to provide his subscribers with both engaging and thought­ provoking  reading  each Sunday.

Pastors who wish to find new catechetical tools to help their parishioners develop a greater understanding and a deeper appreciation for the timeless truths of our Catholic faith will find “What We Believe and Why We Believe It” a valuable resource for instruction and a great little addition to their weekly bulletins.

Rev. William P. Casey. C.P.M.  EWTN Personality
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